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Matthew Cavanaugh, U.S. Army Best Defense guest columnist. The Profession of Arms is decaying (weakening or fraying — as opposed to a relative decline), and the primary causes are. The purpose of traffic safety rules in a military installation is to create a safer environment for all personnel on the installation.

All these rules come from the installation management command; each military installation has an installation management command although the names may differ for each branch of service.

Words Essay on Safety (free to read) Article shared by. Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Unsafe practice is a great peril to both life and property.

A two wheeler rider who rides recklessly not only risks his own life, but also the other road users. Essay on Safety. Words. Army Safety Awards Program Overview The Army Safety Awards Program is designed to recognize, promote and motivate success in accident prevention through risk management by recognizing the accomplishments in the field of safety by individuals and units.

Army safety essay
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