Debate on knowledge is power money

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How the Nixon-Kennedy Debate Changed the World

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Debate on Knowledge Is Power, Money Is No

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The money comes and goes while knowledge stays with a person. He can utilize it in later life and earn money out of it. Therefore a person has to entrust his time to earn knowledge in his growing age rather than spending time on the earning of money.

• As time passes, the value of money decreases and the value of knowledge increases, • Wealth needs to be looked after, whereas knowledge protects you, • You will always fear the theft of money, but knowledge cannot be stolen from the heart.

CIO Magazine issue index of issues and subscriber information. Power is the force that can redirect money; But power needs to be exercised to control over resource. Power is kinetic energy that has the power to redirect resources.

Money is the potential energy and you need to convert some of it to kinetic energy i.e. power before you can get things done. In any case, the question of power versus money immediately comes to mind when you open Jeffrey Pfeffer’s new and insightful book, “Power: Why Some People Have It—And Others Don’t.

” Pfeffer is a maverick professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World [George Gilder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Power-to-Gas in Microgrids: Competitive with Batteries?

Ronald Reagan’s most-quoted living author—George Gilder—is back with an all-new paradigm-shifting theory of capitalism that will upturn conventional wisdom.

Debate on knowledge is power money
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