Essay on black money in indian economy

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Essay on the Black Money of India

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The Black Money Saga In India: A Short Analysis

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1. Essay on the Introduction of Black Money in India: By the term parallel economy we mean working of an unofficial or unsanctioned economy parallel to the parent economy of the country. black money white paper m a y 2 0 1 2 ministry of finance department of revenue central board of direct taxes new delhi |ÉhÉ´É àÉÖjÉvÉÉÒÇ.

1. Essay on the Introduction of Black Money in India: By the term parallel economy we mean working of an unofficial or unsanctioned economy parallel to the parent economy of the country.

Black-money results in the functioning of a parallel economy in the country.

1069 Words Essay on Black Money and Its Effects

The problem, therefore, needs immediate attention. Black money in economic terms means 'unrecorded gains'. In other words, it is income which has escaped taxation.

THE TAINTED WEALTH IN THE COUNTRY. OR. IMPACT OF BLACK MONEY ON INDIAN ECONOMY Illegally earned money is called black money. It is the result of hoarding, smuggling, tax evasion and dealing in immovable property for which the consideration is paid in black.

Essay on black money in indian economy
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