They deserve to make money

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What Do You Deserve to Earn?

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Four Myths About Annuities: Do They Deserve Such a Bad Rap?

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Do Top Athlete's Deserve Millions? Yes, They Deserve Every Dollar

However, these stars definitely deserve the money which they receive because of three reasons: they make a lot of money for their employers, they have to face a great deal of pressure and their careers are really specialized. This year, LeBron James made over $60,, Cristiano Ronaldo made almost $80,, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather made $, (mostly in one night).

That’s all within the past. Jul 03,  · If there's a system which relies upon a rare talent, rare resource, for that system to work, then most of the money in that system will end up in the hands of those who own that talent or resource.

We are a new company with an innovative concept that has a set of platforms in the work area to give our customers the opportunity to make the extra money they deserve.

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Jun 10,  · Best Answer: No they don't deserve that money. Sports is only a way to build community (and get drunk) if anything. Sports is only a way to build community (and get drunk) if anything.

Do athletes deserve the money they make?

The amount of money they get paid is Resolved. It’s not about deserve. The WNBA doesn’t bring in the revenue the nba does so they can’t afford to pay the women what they should be 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like.

They deserve to make money
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