Understanding money back guarantees cognitive affective

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While previous studies on Internet addiction have described behavioral factors, such as withdrawal and tolerance, the present article focuses on the maladaptive cognitions associated with PIU. Although money-back guarantees (MBGs) have a long tradition in marketing and retailing practice, a deeper understanding of how consumers value this instrument is.

We compare the signaling performance of (1) price, (2) price with uninformative advertising, and (3) price with a money-back guarantee. Whereas uninformative advertising does not work at all in our model, under certain conditions a money-back guarantee is necessary to signal, and under other conditions, a money-back guarantee is a useful supplement to price.

Although it remains challenging to understand exactly how a money-back guarantee affects human behavior and decision-making (d’Astous & Guèvremont, ), scholars have shown that such guarantees can significantly influence consumer decision-making (Boulding & Kirmani, ; Erevelles, Roy, & Yip, ).

The % Money-Back Guarantee. This is the absolute stock-standard guarantee type which you have probably seen a million times. As mentioned, Neil Patel of Quick Sprout states that he increased his conversions by 21% just by adding a day money-back guarantee.

Patel goes on to tell us that, in his scenario, he increased overall revenue by % with his guarantee in place. WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care First Global Patient Safety Challenge Clean Care is Safer Care.

WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in health care. denverfoplodge41.com wash - standards.

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Understanding money back guarantees cognitive affective
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